By definition a ‘Grand Slam’ competition or tournament is one of the biggest or richest of its kind. In other words – the most prestigious! GSOS stands for the Grand Slam of Slots and this is an online slots tournament from the Microgaming software developer, and therefore offered at all of the sites on this network. Various sites members participated in the competition and the Palace group of sites also had a large number of members joining in on the mega fun and games.

In total – in this latest GSOS II – 290 players walked away from the tournament richer than when they started – their pockets bulging with prize money. They all landed up with a nice cash prize, but there can only be one first place winner. This year the First Place prize was taken by a member of Spin Palace Casino which is a really nice feather in this online casinos’ virtual ‘Public Relations’ cap! There was a bonus prize available, which was $2.43 million for the player who managed to complete the full pay table, unfortunately this did not happen. The most amazing thing about this prize is, it was available in either cash or solid gold bullion. WOW!

You know what the finance people say – when the dollar is weak, gold is strong and a great many people are investing in this commodity, which rarely loses its value today. Winning this bonus prize was however, a very tall order. What would you have chosen, the money or the gold?

The first Grand Slam of Slots took place at Microgaming sites in 2009. Mike Hebden – Casino Head at the developer, said that the success of the first GSOS had created a tough precedent to beat,  but that GSOS II had come up to the mark. As far as the unclaimed bonus prize of $2.43 million was concerned; he let us know that Microgaming will use the unused prize money to innovate an even more exciting event with more magnificent prizes for the GSOS III.

The winner of the latest event; only identified as AP at Spin Palace Casino; despite not winning the bonus millions, still left the tournament with $157,515.83 in winnings. Second and third place prizes were $78,780 and $39,367 respectively. Originally the prize was meant to be a total of $290,000 shared between 290 winners; with a first prize of $100,000. The competition proved to be so popular however that the pool increased quite dramatically – by more than 50%! This meant bigger prizes for everyone, and at the end of the GSOS II a massive $456,700 was shared between all of the winners.

One of the most popular games played during this tournament was the brand new Thunderstruck II. This is a brilliant slots game, it carries a Norse God theme and if you want to give it a try you will find it at any Microgaming online casino. Start practicing now to make sure you’re on form when the next Grand Slam of Slots Tournament plays.